Data Uses and Privacy

Privacy is important. This was last updated on 28/10/2020

What is done with which data?

When do you capture when register as a member?

Your choice of method to register is captured by and stored on their server to accommodate logging in. I as the author of this webpage have not figured out passwords access, thusly if you change your login in method and forget- their server automatically allows the forget password feature which is managed by Wix. If I get involved- I delete your account and allow you to sign up new. 

Email, affiliate login, name and any additional information is chosen to be provided in the member area- is controlled, stored and deleted as per the Wix user policy.


Captured by

Stored by

Deleted by

I can delete your membership data by request at any time. I take approximately 15 minutes with full desktop access. (please allow 48 hours)

Financial data? What is done with that?

Billing Data: Name, address, city, zip/postal code, province/state, country, email, Credit Card contents (method, number, cvv), Amount Paid, Approval Code, Approval date/time stamp and additional notes

Billing data is captured by, processed by (Canada) then processed by Zapier Automation tools and stored at as google sheets and in 

Stripe is the Merchant Services provider. Processes payment, stores for financial requirement (24 months) then delete.

Zapier Automation Tools provides data duplication, filtration, and data entry tools. This service does not capture data- only copy and pastes automatically without storage.

Zoom.Us as our conference software provider requires email, name and country for individual events. This data is controlled and deleted by Zoom.Us as set by their data retention and usage policy. is the accounting software of choice. Billing data is used to create invoices within in this software to generate accounting 

Google sheets are data retention between services and for 6 years.