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When converting your items to digital...

On the left, I own these

On the right, I wish for these

Simple Scanners that last- I have had my Canon Canoscan 200 for 15 + years- it just works and I love it

If higher quality images are a thing- this is the next level up. My photos are not this high of quality but you may have some

You have inches of pages to scan or 1 weekend on a trip to clean tonnes of bankers boxes. I too have this one on my wish list.

"I want that one image but it is in the photo album or book- I can't take apart"

This is a computer mouse that also is a scanner that is great for images within other items, on walls or in weird places.

I have one and it goes in my laptop bag, everywhere as my main mouse.

Convert your film to digital images

I want the book converted to digital so I can share it. Without removing the spine, this takes an image of the book and converts it to (text searchable)PDF or image for you. I am in progress to buy this one for a client. I'll  post reviews once we've played

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