Equipment in your Search

Hang on

When converting your items to digital...

On the left, I own these

On the right, I wish for these

Simple Scanners that last- I have had my Canon Canoscan 200 for 15 + years- it just works and I love it

If higher quality images are a thing- this is the next level up. My photos are not this high of quality but you may have some

"I want that one image but it is in the photo album or book- I can't take apart"

This is a computer mouse that also is a scanner that is great for images within other items, on walls or in weird places.

I have one and it goes in my laptop bag, everywhere as my main mouse.

I had the choice of a new laptop or  a new high speed scanner. 35 pages per minute both sides at once. I wish I had this sooner. 8 hours of scanner on a flat bed was done in 45 minutes with this guy- love'em

Convert your film to digital images

I want the book converted to digital so I can share it. Without removing the spine, this takes an image of the book and converts it to (text searchable)PDF or image for you. I am in progress to buy this one for a client. I'll  post reviews once we've played