Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a physical event?

No- not anymore. Covid 19 fixed that :(

Can I come?

Of course- everyone is welcome

My spouse wants to come- do I need a second ticket?

Not if you are sharing a screen- one ticket/pass per login/screen. I prefer it is not a big screen and a small village that represents your wife.

I bought my tickets or passes. What now?

Automated systems are still human verified- will send you a completed registration email for each day of an event after the human verifies all the dots and crosses all the Ts.

It is cheap but why not go with an annual pass?

I am gonna be honest- I don't want to events that you may not want to go to but paid for. Also there are great groups and other websites for that. 

My membership- what's up with the plan?

The plan includes:

1 Friday, 1 Saturday & 1 Sunday ticket becomes free

50% off shop items for 120 days after the event. (Sept 11-13 2020- Coupon is good till Xmas)

Forum Access

Free Post-event Video Access for 90 days, as soon as it is captioned and cut up into each presenter for quicker loading.

A chance to win goodies from Family Ancestrees

What happens if I can't attend a live event anymore?

Well there are 2 options- 1. Enjoy it post event within the 90 days

                                           2. Email to ask for a refund and try to catch us next time. Email me, I will reverse the payment .

You grab cookies, take information on purchase- what do you do with my data?

The cookies and analytics let me (Robyn, site owner) estimate what our next event should be catered to. Feed back, emails and Facebook make the specific topic choices. I use stats like age, gender, location and language- to get ideas on who may appreciate what. I then ask content creators to help me- speakers, experts and enthusiasts.


If you choose to subscribe- I will email out once pre-event to let you know of the event details-this will be in the subscription check box in your profile.


When you buy a ticket or pass- There is back end magic that uses online computer automation services to make it so one person can plan and run events. Current services include(as of 2020):  Zoom, Google, Zapier, Wix, Paypal, Stripe, Square(in person).

Once an event is done, it goes into a tax file for an accountant at Canadian Tax time then to be ignored for 6 years if it is financial.

I am a member of AHSGR and GRHS. What are my discounts? 

Short answer is none. In the future these groups may plan something but at this time nothing.- I am a jerk

If I have a membership with your site so does it attach to AHSGR or GRHS? 

No. This site was made from a local member of the AHSGR Edmonton & Area chapter and a GRHS family member but we are 

Your login does not work between their sites and here :(

I believe in old school logic rules- if it ain't broke don't fix it. If it ain't right, work with the person who called it out to make it right.  Meaning email or contacting me will try to fix it.

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