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Genealogy is a huge word that is the study of one's family.

Here are some cool rules to make it easier:

Robyn's Rules:

- Pics or get out

- get someone to proof your work (especially for translations)

- just cause it is on a website doesn't make it always right

-Professionals have designations or/and government-issued titles.

-remember you  buy someone's time and skills- respect that- all of that is optional

-There is always something to prove.

-There is always another source

-Not everyone is honest

- Eat and bio break when going down the rabbit hole

-Respect is a two-way street and it takes years to build with seconds to drop off

-In the event of a fire, divorce or worst case what are you willing to lose?

Cheatsheet for starting

1. Record as much information about the proof as you can. 

    a. What is it: 

    b. Where did you find it:

    c. When did you find it: 

    d. where is your original is: 

    e. reliability value:

    f. Whom does it apply to:

   h. proof of purchase or reproduction cost (for insurance)

2. Data Science is a thing.

    a. Take notes/Plan your research

         i) Take notes as you go so you can reprove yourself. 

        ii) Take notes so you can resume where you were rather than restarting. Think Groundhog Day the movie

       iii) Take notes so you can share your work and teamwork

       iv) Take notes so your office/workspace makes sense if life happens

        v) Take notes so your significant others can figure out what you are saying and whom you are talking about.

    b. Negative proofs are a thing.

    c. Finding new good sources are worth cheering

    d. Organize your results.

Step 1


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