Backup: Online, Social or Off-line

This week I had the uncool news that I needed to tell my friend that her only USB stick bearing all of her university experience and 7 years of family photos will cost her $90-500 CAD to recover since she had it nowhere else- breaking our collective hearts.

To this conversation to prevent the tears again:

  1. do you go cloud?

  2. online application integrations through social connections like family or or

  3. multiple offline storages?

  4. paper hard copy?

  5. Publish a book and call it?

There are pros and cons to all of the above.

Cloud Pros:

  1. You can get it anywhere there is the internet available

  2. It is expandable

  3. In many cases, you can have it online

  4. Traditionally it is easy to share or control the administrative or viewing only access

  5. more than just genealogy can be shared

Cloud Cons:

  1. The internet is needed to update the files between sites

  2. more often than not there is a tangible reoccurring cost

  3. security issues keep hitting the media

  4. there is a minimum technical comfort level needed.

Examples DropBox, Google Drive, Sync

Online Socialized Integrations Pros:

  1. Live updating between like-minded people-

  2. gaurenteed protection from losses

  3. super easy to share

  4. data is 24/7 and not locked to hardware

  5. universalization and duplicate data controlled (only one specific person talked about not 30 of the same person)

Online Socialized Integrations Cons.

  1. Errors are across everyone’s data

  2. may be a cost

  3. only having specific file types or data

  4. data integration into the application you are using maybe no longer supported or forcibly transferred to another support application or company

  5. data harvesting to the profit of the company hosting (hints and clues are sold without your profit)

.Multiple off-line storage (eg 2+ duplicate USB sticks)


  1. FULL control, share only when you want when you want

  2. computers fail- your data is safe

  3. security issues don’t exist

  4. cost is one and done. No re-occurring

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