Census Extraction

100 years ago… someone lived with family X in the city county state/province and country.

That is not all the data they captured. Long form census tells a lot of data…

This is one from 1920 when data capture was amazing and relatively more legible.

Look at the headers…

The address at that specific date, names, birth, a birthplace of a person , birth places of parents, occupation, education level. You get a glimpse in plain English into the lives at the time… it is fantastic but there are less lucky ones too.

There are many where English is a backup plan but the one I wanted to share but I derped and saved it as a PDF instead of an image. Time to find dots to connect for more sources. Start with the same location 10 years apart… to find trends and patterns. 1-year-old grows to 11. Did the family move area or pass away?

Notes to expand on from these censuses:

  1. Build the family units, check ages of persons listed… the brother or parents of the head of the household may be listed

  2. Employment trends in the generations 2 or 3 generations of basket makers or brick layers

  3. Where did they move from? from France or England.. chase movements

  4. From the smaller gaps between each census (less than 10 years) who is still there? what happened if the toddler or babies drop off? who died or moved with others

  5. Education trends eg. they stop at read and write or the teen moved to get more education

  6. Naming trends

  7. Religion can lead to more sources like baptisms or burial location

  8. Building a person’s life using sources is amazing.

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