FOIP & ID Theft

​Due to FOIP (Freedom of Information Privacy) and the statute of limitations generally the dead(or aged living) must be dead (or aged event) of certain given time before documentation is easily accessible. Contacting your local county or provincial registry for specifics.

Contact the Provincial Archives Of Alberta for copies of

  1. birth records that are 120 years old or older (from the date of birth)

  2. marriage records that are 75 years or older (from the date of marriage)

  3. death records that are 50 years old or older (from the date of death)

  4. stillbirth records that are 75 years or older (from the date of stillbirth)

When creating a family tree ,persons not dead yet are traditionally kept private due to ID fraud potential . All it takes is birth date name and piece of ID to mangle someone’s life. Score for freedom of information and privacy acts-protecting you and your immediate family.

The idea of life’s details being shared is not for everyone-even when dead. This needs to be honoured.

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