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It all starts with a simple question… where do you come from? Genealogy is really the study of family ties. I became more interested when I got married, trying to find my traditions to include. My family had mouth-watering recipes I had been taught over time, but none of them seemed similar. My grandfather had been researching before cancer winning, and I was lucky enough to inherit his works. But going further than word of mouth is my specialty. I have been asked a few times how to get started and where I get that? This blog will hopefully get you on a journey of your history.

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Another great source

Look look 📄 "“In Our Hearts We Felt the Sentence of Death": Ethnic German Recollections of Mass Violence in the USSR, 1928-1948" by Eric J Schmaltz, Ph.D.

When the world resets

Quick read >1 min Original posting date: 21 Nov 2020 Pre-Corona Brent Mai asked when I am coming... I am on the mentality it will be on my wish list.- here is my current travel wish list: Cost and Pay

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