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Original Posting Date: 5 Dec 2020

TLDR: You can get certified in Genealogy

So I am honestly taking schooling at the age of 32 to get my first degree since evergreen certificates are not the way to go. So while deciding what job will fund my genealogy addiction best I started coming to the thought what if my genealogy job could fund my genealogy addiction- here are some links in that rabbit hole.

ProGenStudy Groups « Encouraging Professional & Aspiring Genealogists

this one is a great email group to hone your skills

Skillbuilding: The Genealogical Proof Standard: How Simple Can It Be? – Board for Certification of Genealogists

BCG and BCGL are well standard acronyms behind the pros' names that stand for Board Certified Genealogist and lecturer (respectively). I have been working on it but it can take a year and Corona killed my plans and made me work harder- like OT and being called essential- dang it.

National Institute for Genealogical Studies

I recommend these courses- and I can't wait to take these.

Genealogy Jobs -

paid to research- I am in

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