Outside your village

So I have covered physically talking to some and when to tackle the barely cold record changes…

So now it is about that next step out of the village that raised you or watched you grow through word of mouth from living relatives.

Simple starts include:

Taking someone you have stories about and confirm their data… confirming can lead you on a trail for more details.

  1. Googling newspapers to see if there are any vital announcements.

  2. the announcements like funeral announcements may include the close relatives that may be grieving

  3. direct relatives

  4. cause of death, date (time some times), and intended disposal[lose term cremation, burial, etc]  location

  5. basic bio- employment, birth death, siblings and schooling

  6. birth place, time and parents

  7. Engagement announcements contain the parents and locations that the direct families come from giving you the next pin

  1. location of parents, parents

  2. full names

  3. birthdays some times

  4. employment

  5. residence (older papers)

  6. Bankruptcy and legal declarations, harsh but contain birthdate and full name for that one guy who uses alternative names to evade

  7. full name

  8. employment

  9. birth

  10. address

  11. Divorce announcements

  12. birth announcements

  13. wedding announcements

  14. Milking the preverbial ancestry.com or myheritage.com

  15. some people have quite a bit but you may still want to hunt the black and white facts unless provided.

  16. Getting certificates

  17. Birth

  18. Death

  19. Divorce D

  1. School (fairly older)

  2. Marriage

  3. Travel Proofs

  4. Immigration records – Check the one

  5. DNA

  6. Honestly I should cover it but I personally haven’t tries one of them yet. I was hoping the pricing would drop.


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