Per Person

Alright to my previous post about FOIP, lets dive into researching the tree…

Per person we may need to isolate confirmable facts and have cited sources

  1. Date, Place, Source Type, Source Location, Reliability rating, Kin Attached, and Note of each of the following major life events:

  2. Christening/Baptism

  3. Adoption/Birth record

  4. Marriage 1

  5. Divorce 1

  6. Marriage 2

  7. Divorce 2

  8. Death

  9. Burial

  10. Emigration 1

  11. Immigration 1

  12. Emigration 2

  13. Immigration 2

  14. Other: (ex employment)

  15. Land Title

  16. Land title 2

  17. Criminal Record

Who is the father

Who is the mother

Who are the grandparents?

Vital Notes, Children listings, Census records or residence notes


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