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No add ons are available from the creator directly A trial is available. The registration is $45.00 US for first purchase and for upgrades it is cheaper $19 for a CD and $24 for manual and CD. They call them selves shareware -and it is awesome.

Installation completed in 12.9 sec so very well done and very easy. The download was fast and about 5 clicks to get it installed and running.

Importing and exporting GEDCOMs is super simple…

Once completed the data imported was very point blank and to the point.

This interface appears to have stuck to its roots in initial database design which is very to the point, text-based and simple. “Retro” or “Old School in a good way” are two ways to say it easier. For the computer uncomfortable – a manual would be recommended. For those that are slow to update- this harks back to the day sans mouse- keyboarding only can be done.

Lets talk sourcing- due to its simplicity(which is nice a lot of the time) sources are in simple text and can be added easily to everything. Please note the sources on the Wendlin are pulled through the GEDCOM and clearly need cleaning but I was able to add easily. To the ease I was able to add a general family source which is so nice and some thing I’d love in other apps.

The common reports like birthday and anniversary lists are fantastically easy to get to.

For those that want to have quick and full control- it has no social connections to anything. It is local only so sneaky fingers or adjusting hands- just your work. It does remind you everytime you go to close it that you should back up- which is nice.

I think I honestly will run this as a to do list builder. It was a wicked report that allows you to pull specific source or data missing lists very easily. Granted the first report I pulled to see if death place, birth place and parents were missing on this older GEDCOM was 95 pages- I still have work to do.

Review points:

  1. Ease of use for installation 5/5

  2. Ease of use for simple additions 4/5

  3. Ease of use citations and sourcing 4/5

  4. Integration into social sharing -Not applicable

  5. cost – Free to 45 is fabulous

  6. GEDCOM import export- easy 5/5

  7. duplication reduction

  8. I had a hard time finding this feature

  9. report building 4/5

I’d love to see in the next revision a search cheat sheet or check box for wild card searches or duplicate persons search rather than calling them twins since there are possiblities for multiple births. Auto updating or a windows 10 or android version. I want to get out of Windows. Otherwise awesome simple app.

I love the Reasonable Check report- clean, concise and easy to use.

Quick description:

Old School Simple

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