What is in a name? Fun looks

“I keep having people names the same. what’s up with that?”

“What’s with these names?”

Funner reasons to answer that question:

  1. They ran out of names

  2. It was traditional to name the first born son after the first born

  3. His father’s first name is her sons middle name

  4. We wanted some thing unique, it sounded like it should be from our home country

  5. No no that’s right.

  6. That is what has always been… why change it.

  7. If we went with tradition or followed with what your uncle said is right- it wouldn’t be appropriate – example Harry Dyck so we went with the other uncle’s name

  8. It costs money to register the names. That is the real reason you all have the same first name

  9. It was a translation issue. That is what the name became at the border and we don’t know enough of the language to be unique.

  10. Does it matter what I named you? I picked it so you can pay to change it.

  11. “I pretty sure they did it for legal reasons”*sighs* I am not sure which side of the legal we are concerned with.

  12. They didn’t know how to write so just put the X.

  13. So we wouldn’t have to change the name of the business the child would inherit.

  14. The spiritual leaders chose the name. ~*sighs* way to set the bar high tribal elders….

What are some of the fun reasons you’ve seen?

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