What sources did you have in mind?

Here is a longer list of ideas of sourcing you can use to include in your files

Examples of cool records to add:

  1. Account books

  2. Agreements (examples: legal, sharing, land, marriage, donation, rental)

  3. Albums

  4. Announcements

  5. Applications

  6. Apprentice papers

  7. Autograph books

  8. Audio recordings of their voice (both haunting and amazing to hear them again)

  9. Awards

  10. Baby books

  11. Banking or financing documents (hard to find but can show alot more than you may care to know)

  12. Body processing papers (air plane conveyance, preservations, cremations, donation)

  13. Baptism records

  14. Bibles

  15. Birth records

  16. Blessings

  17. Bonds

  18. Interment or cemetery records (grave stone markers, maps, ownership proofs)

  19. Census

  20. Certificates

  21. Christenings

  22. Church records

  23. Citizenship

  24. Civil records

  25. Coat of arms

  26. Confirmations

  27. Contracts

  28. Death announcements or death records

  29. Debarkation papers

  30. Deeds

  31. Diaries

  32. Discharge papers

  33. Divorce records

  34. Documents

  35. Ecclesiastical

  36. Embarkment or proof of travel papers

  37. Emmigration papers

  38. Engagements

  39. Enlistment papers

  40. Employment records

  41. Election records or lists

  42. Estate papers

  43. Family records

  44. Family crests, signets, rings, seals

  45. Fraternity

  46. Funeral cards

  47. Genealogy records 

  48. Government ID

  49. Graduation

  50. Histories

  51. Hobbies

  52. Immigration papers

  53. Induction papers

  54. Insurance records

  55. Journals

  56. Keepsakes

  57. Land titles or land records or address listings

  58. Legal papers (arrest records, prison time, sentencing decisions, tickets, payroll withholding requests, child support, alimony, enforceable action, living association, adjudications, public trials,  ) 

  59. Letters

  60. Life stories

  61. Lodge records

  62. Manuscripts

  63. Marriage records

  64. Memorials

  65. Military records

  66. Mortgages

  67. Naturalization papers

  68. Newspaper articles

  69. Obit

  70. Ordinations

  71. Orphan records

  72. Passenger papers

  73. Passports

  74. Pension papers

  75. Periodicals

  76. Pictures and videos

  77. Receipts

  78. Recipes

  79. Record books

  80. Religious milestone papers (baptism, bat(/bar)mistva,  etc.)

  81. School report cards

  82. School graduation credentials (certificate, degree, diploma, masters)

  83. Scrapbooks

  84. Stock certificates (paper or expired- these are still very cool)

  85. Tax papers or  results

  86. Telephone listings

  87. Traffic tickets

  88. Union papers

  89. Video recording of the person (super cool to jog memories)

  90. Will & Estate or Probate

Did I miss anything?- please tell me so I can share it.


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