What would you ask

So my husband and I were discussing dreams and the question came up if you had like an hour with one in your family member to talk to them again- who is it and what would you ask?

Loaded question to a genealogist right: do you break your wall or do you confirm facts or do ask what is was really like? I mean documents and stories can only take you so far- what would you ask?

Documents can help but only go so far… this Christmas, an amazing translator and friend of mine found a record for me buried in her work that was an adoption record from Pre 1770 For Andreas- the Infamous Senger who started 4 lines of Sengers world wide- score for a new wall. Do you break this?

Or do you ask a more recent relative- how they kept that secret you found buried and was told to rebury that you want confirm?Asking about still births or failed marriages or the child kept from acceptance. Stories from family become a hard conversation especially if the story is biased from the living or it is as awkward as heck. So hello relative I don’t talk much to! You know that child I shouldn’t know about- wanna talk about that? – like how do you even break the awkward wall to shatter conversation walls with the living… This may explain why most genealogy sites won’t publish facts about the living.

How about just talk again about the everyday with best friend you lost. Hang on while I tear up- I’d give anything to talk about the mondain with Gram again but you know…

Just some thing to talk about so who would you talk to?

Keep hunting and we’ll chat soon.


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