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John Althouse, BA, BEd, was born in Canora, Saskatchewan and has lived the majority of his life in Edmonton, Alberta. John taught for the Edmonton Catholic School District for nearly thirty-five years. He is now retired.
John is the author and editor of a number of publications related to education. He has a strong interest in heritage and history, and has a special interest in the Canadian West since the events of Saskatchewan’s 50th Anniversary as province.
A member of AGS, SGS, and AHSGR, John is the editor of Clandigger the Edmonton Branch newsletter. In addition, he regularly writes articles for the SGS Bulletin, AGS Relatively Speaking including a number of articles for the feature column “Visiting Alberta’s Past,” and other publications. Occasionally, John appears as a guest speaker on CBC Radio and at provincial and international conferences.
Recently, he has embarked upon gleaning family stories from relatives in the hope of someday writing these stories. At this point, he is uncertain if he fits wholly into any of these boxes - storyteller, researcher, historian, preservationist, or genealogist. He is still attempting to find his identity and his voice as a writer

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