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An online Zoom based conferencing weekend. Grab a ticket and jump on to meet the speakers- talk with them live then rewatch after for 90 days. It is so much to take in- but so awesome.

I work with impassioned experts, seasoned masters, knowledgable PhDs, excited speaking professionals, historical societies, preservation specialists and genealogy researchers from the field to hyper-focus on geographical areas of genealogy research. 

Sept 11-13 2020 Our first annual Germans from Russia Online Zoom Conference.

January 23-24 2021 Black Sea

March 5-6 2021 Finer Details- "using non-BMD records"

July 2021- Please check out these wonderful events: IGGP, CRVGI and AHSGR

September 11-13 2021 Annual Conference "Little groups- huge resources"

"You've got to look back, to see how far you've come, and which way you are going. 
When we explore where we have been we perceive a clearer vision of the future. "

-Frank J. Senger

"History is not written it is created. The victors choose the narrative." Robyn Morales

The goal is to help bring life back to the statistics and the names (if you are lucky) and meet some friends while doing it.

Thank you for stopping by and exploring.

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