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You've stumbled upon a website that hosts multiple virtual events presented by Ph.D.s professionals, researchers and genealogy fanatics. The most recent one was 11-13  Sept 2020 and you can grab you pass to view uncut and cut-up versions of the zoom event in the Member Perks> Attendee Rewards. $30.75 gives you approximately 18 hours of video!


"You've got to look back, to see how far you've come, and which way you are going. 
When we explore where we have been we perceive a clearer vision of the future. "

-Frank J. Senger

"History is not written it is created. The victor chooses the narrative. " Robyn Morales

Our community is all over the world and has the disadvantage of having our homes where the borders were like Costco toilet paper (24-72 roll packs),  you get used to the leader than for any number of reasons the great leader changes and so does the name of the country. Or perhaps you or your family belong to AHSGR or GRHS.

Or if your DNA profile reads any of these, you're in great company:

-Germanic Europe

           -Alsace-Lorraine & midwest USA

          -Hessen, Kansas & North Dakota

 -England & northwest European





-Don Cossack

-Black Sea



Maybe your grandparents were German-ish, not quiet spoke German but not from Germany. Or survived the war for the Axis powers or perhaps survived the Gulags, the camps or just don't wanna talk about it but are European looking.

The goal is to help bring life back to the statistics and the names (if you are lucky) and meet some friends while doing it.

After the conference, we offer the videos missed online for viewing for 90 days then rental after (to keep the website self-sufficient)

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