German- Russians

Borders changed a lot back then- the youtube video to the left here demonstrates that.

Our diverse and fantastic community hail from all over the world! And I do mean all over the world. The map above provided by shows the originating villages founded in the then Russian lands.

The majority of the organizations that represent this diverse community are history, culture, and genealogy driven. Each group listed in the links area are each unique and cover a slightly different section of the community.

For the most basic description, we are the descendants of the people invited Catherine the Great or are the (maybe previously) German-speaking descendants that were displaced by major historical events.

Check the history here!

The manifesto dated July 22 1763 printed in various languages offers:

(Several Amendments starting from Dec 3 1762)

-"Our treasury without any kind of interest; on the contrary, only the capital shall be repaid in three equal parts over three years, but not prior to the expiration of ten years." aka cheap loans

-"unhindered freedom of religious worship"

-No civil or military draft except for the customary Land-Dienste [public labor service]

-300 rubles of housewares upon arrival

-duty-free import of your goods

-ability to make wares for sale on behalf of our Empire

-open to purchase serfs, invest in freely and develop

-Aim to colonize, come stay.

​Like all contracts, the devil is in the details not mentioned until after

was the land may or may not be errable

there may be (unfriendly) people already on it and by the way,

there is very likely nothing there for you so bring everything depending on where we send you.