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This website is and was created to help, educate and support the development of genealogical research advancement. We support all genealogical experiences. We support those with harder-to-find family members throughout the world with a more specific focus on Eastern European ancestry, American and Canadian- as the descendants of those asked by the Catherine the Great edicts into (at that time) Russian Land. This land is now many other countries.

We do not condone the actions of war to change government control.

Communication here is open. Respect is an expectation.

Kindness & understanding are required.

Inclusion is the conversation.

Everyone can learn something. If you feel you know everything- or there is nothing left to learn in this field of genealogy- please reconsider being present.

It is great to learn who makes up your army that brought you here today. Even if your family is not in one of our more fluent databases. We still can help


1. Respect- demand it, provide it, embody it

2. Open- Communication is open, honest, positive and beneficial

3. Adapt- to the need, provide to the situation to the best of one’s ability and grow to that demand

4. Strength- Have the strength to acknowledge and grow from your own limits. Set goals to make limits better.

5. Trust- The world is as good as you make- so leave it better than you found it.

Share from the past- preserve for the future.