Can I come?

Of course- everyone is welcome.

My spouse wants to come- do I need a second ticket?

Not if you are sharing a screen- one ticket/pass per login/screen. I prefer it is not a big screen and a small village representing your wife/family member.

I bought my tickets or passes. What now?

Automated systems are still human-verified- no-reply@Zoom.us will send you a completed registration email for each day of an event after a human verifies all the dots and crosses all the Ts.

It is cheap, but why not go with an annual pass?

I don't guarantee I can host more than one per year. I don't like subscriptions that I feel obliged to renew and lets be honest- this is not everyone's 

thing all the time.

What happens if I can't attend a live event anymore?

Catch the post-event online for 30 days after the event. Speakers may prefer not to have their video on the post-event webcast for whatever reason.

Why do you charge, whereas some other sites don't?

Since our speakers are not allowed to travel to Canada, we do profit share instead. Also, since this site is not a not-for-profit, registered charity or attached to any other of those- the website uses sales from products, affiliate links, service sales and referral bonuses to be self-sustaining.

I like your event, will you help me make one?  

I take requests for future events for sure. I'd rather not re-invent the wheel. It is easier for me to work with you to plan an event around your questions or topic needs. There are more events planned in the future.

My family member needs to see this. Do you have a referral or discount code?  No affiliate programs at this time.

My local history/genealogy group would like to watch this at a later time. What are my options?

This option is not actively used enough. We can provide contact.

Why not single speaker events on a weeknight?

 Honestly, I am a busy working mom and wife- that is family time for me. Legacy Family Tree Webinars have on-demand if you like and they are fantastic

I believe in old-school logic rules: if it ain't broke, don't fix it. If it ain't right, work with the person who called it out to make it right. 

How can I support this website or the event?

Paying It Forward Please