The Manifesto

The manifesto dated July 22 1763  printed in various languages offers:

(Several Amendments starting from Dec 3 1762)

-"Our treasury without any kind of interest; on the contrary, only the capital shall be repaid in three equal parts over three years, but not prior to the expiration of ten years." aka cheap loans

-"unhindered freedom of religious worship"

-No civil or military draft except for the customary Land-Dienste [public labor service]

-300 rubles of housewares upon arrival

-duty-free import of your goods

-ability to make wares for sale on behalf of our Empire

-open to purchase serfs, invest in freely and develop

-Aim to colonize, come stay.

​Like all contracts, the devil is in the details not mentioned until after

was the land may or may not be errable

there may be (unfriendly) people already on it and by the way,

there is very likely nothing there for you so bring everything depending on where we send you.

After Catherine invited everyone to come to colonize her poorly controlled areas from Poland to Volga South of St. Petersbourg to Georgia(the Country), The people came from as far as the modern to the West in the UK,  north to Norway East in the Arab nations and South in Italy and etc. The people came to pull away from war, famine, fights, poor governance, and religious problems for freedom and a new start. After Catherine's son reversed her manifesto in many ways - those that could leave. North America, back to Germany or many places. It didn't take long for another war. These wars and their consequences change what happens to those migrants. 

So personally, my teams were northern Germany and Alsace Lorraine France to Odessa to the US to Canada. Where are you from?

Robyn M. (2022)